Creation of Sustainable PAR Monitoring System through Developing Specific Assessment Frameworks and Engaging in Large-Scale M&E Efforts Nation-Wide

Project Description
EU has been supporting Georgia’s ambitious public administration reforms. This project aims at elaboration of sustainable public administration reform (PAR) monitoring system, by developing external monitoring frameworks based on best practices, supporting CSOs in practical application of the frameworks and creating PAR monitoring platform.
The project:
- Gathers and analyzes monitoring and evaluation best-practices related to PAR monitoring
- Develops sector-specific PAR monitoring frameworks and indices and engages in PAR monitoring
- Develops monitoring and evaluation platform concept, ensures testing with stakeholders and afterwards launches the platform
- Trains wider Civil Society Organization (CSO) network on PAR oversight
- Engages CSOs, Parliament, State audit Office and other actors in PAR oversight process
- Develops and implements PAR campaign through social and traditional media channels
- Organizes PAR-related discourses on implementation gaps and presenting performance reports.
Specific Objective
To establish PAR-focused monitoring system as a result of introducing innovative, best-practice based external assessment frameworks through citizen and CSO participation nation-wide.
Expected Results
- Assessment frameworks prepared for policy planning, public service delivery, and public finances management;
- Newly developed assessment frameworks introduced and institutionalised by applying them in practical monitoring and evaluation;
- PAR actualisation and promotion through regular reporting of various PAR monitoring data and relevant campaigning;
- Interactive, user-friendly PAR Monitoring and Evaluation Platform (PARMEP) developed, presenting monitoring results and engaging stakeholders.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects, Partnership that empowers
Governance & public administration, Public Administration Reform
Good government
Project Status:
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End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Innovations and Reforms Center
Funding by the EU:
€500 000
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