SME Development and DCFTA in GEORGIA

Project Description
The purpose of "SME Development and DCFTA in GEORGIA" project is to support the implementation of the DCFTA related institutional and regulatory reforms in the country, with a strong focus on strengthening the capacities of Georgian SMEs, both to increase their competitiveness and to ensure their adaptation to the new regulatory environment. The Project will lay the ground for strengthening the SME sector to ensure broad based growth.

SME DCFTA in Georgia is implemented across four components:
1: Improvement of the enterprise development framework and SME participation in the political dialogue.
2: Comprehensive capacity development for SME support institutions.
3: Promotion of enterprise development via clustering and support to business networks on national, sector and local levels.
4: Integration of business clusters and networks in relevant existing EU networks for enterprise development, investment and trade promotion.

Project Trademark Initiative: Development of Business Clusters in Georgia

Common objectives:
• Increase competitiveness of local companies;
• Promote industry development;
• Upgrade industry skills and knowledge;
• Increase international linkages;
• Improve access to international markets.

Selected industries:
• Furniture: Georgian Furniture Cluster connects local furniture producers and designers with international markets.
• Film: Georgian Film Cluster unites leading companies and professionals in the film production and post-production and promotes awareness of Georgian film industry internationally.
• Apparel: The initiative allows local producers to establish European industry standards.
• Information and Communications Technology (ICT): Cluster development helps the Georgian ICT community connect better with European partners.
Specific Objective
1. Improved institutional capacities of central administrations to design and implement specific measures within the SMEs context.
2. Strengthened public-private policy dialogue: improved cooperation between line ministries, SMEs bodies/agencies and stakeholders (including business and sector associations) involved in SMEs/DCFTA related areas.
3. Strengthened capacities of SMEs bodies/agencies to channel business support to SMEs, to help the latter in meeting DCFTA requirements.
4. Improved capacity of business and sector associations, business service providers, BMOs to provide effective services to SMEs.
5. Enhanced integration of Georgian SMEs bodies/agencies with EU, regional and/or international platforms.
Expected Results
• At least 3 specific priority measures related to the adaptation of the DCFTA are designed and implemented.
• A regular topic oriented PPD process on the enterprise development agenda following up on the recommendations of 3 annual conferences is managed, including the monitoring of results of the meetings.
• A minimum of 6 business support services (information, advice, training, etc.) are newly designed or adapted/ tested and further developed.
• 5 business networks / clusters established in main regions and sectors.
• 5 Georgian business clusters are connected to suitable EU clusters and networks.
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