Job Equality: Equal, Inclusive and Safe Work Place in Georgia

Project Description
In the framework of the project, job equality: equal, inclusive and safe work place in Georgia, the EU supports a number of initiatives in Georgia to ensure gender equality. This project aims to advocate gender equality issues on local and national level - to eliminate gender discrimination at the workplace and ensure equal pay, to create safe and healthy working conditions.

More specifically, the project:
- Trains trainers and representatives of different organisations on gender and women’s labour rights to ensure wider awareness and better policies.
- Develops a toolkit for advocacy on labour and women’s rights.
- Organises awareness-raising campaign to influence policies in favor of inclusive social and labor rights
- Issues sub-grants to local groups working with local communities on labor/women’s rights.
Specific Objective
To expand and strengthen leadership and capacity of target groups to contribute to achieving gender equality and economic justice for women in the labor market.
Expected Results
- 120 representatives of local civil society groups trained by 15 local trainers in two regions and capital of Georgia on women’s rights, advocacy on discrimination/wage gap/sexual harassment and health/safety issues at workplace and contribute to achieving equal, inclusive and secure workplaces in Georgia.
- Local groups engage with local governments, labour and employer organisations through 10 project meetings in which tools and best practices are shared, thus resulting in 250 representatives of LAs/labour/employer organisations who are able to analyse, monitor and prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
- Small grants awarded to local groups for actions that contribute to creating more equal, inclusive and secure workplaces in Georgia, in particular in the 2 rural project areas and with a focus on women, young people, LBGTQI, and other groups that experience great rates of discrimination.
- Cross-sectoral cooperation between Through two international network conferences, cross-sectoral cooperation between labour rights and women’s rights movement with other key stakeholders such as employers, (international) businesses, public service providers etc. is strengthened, leading to successful collaborations to fight discrimination/harassment/pay gap and safety measures.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that protects, Partnership that empowers
Rule of law & human rights, Inclusion
Human rights, Women
Project Status:
Start Date:
End Date:
Implementing Organisation:
Women's Fund in Georgia, Women Engage for Common Future (WECF) - Georgia, Organisation "For Rights and Education", Kvemo Kartli Media
Funding by the EU:
€200 000
EU Project Number:

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