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Agri-market Unique Georgian Taste /აგრობაზარი „უნიკალური ქართული გემო“

Unique Georgian Taste – Rediscovering Georgia’s Agricultural Heritage in Dedaena Park


The fourth Unique Georgian Taste agri-market was held in Dedaena Park. This series of farmers’ markets has been implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through the European Union (EU) support. 

The agri-market participants came from different regions of Georgia and exhibited their local niche and terroir products. Nearly 50 producers took part in the two-day event and sold Georgian cheese, meat products, honey, wine, and tea, among other products. 

Beneficiaries of the FAO programme, which supports dairy women producers and is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), also took part in the agri-market. All event participants were trained on food safety and business management by FAO. Some of them have also received financial assistance from FAO for equipment or improved premises, through the support of the EU.

At this stage, the Unique Georgian Taste event series has successfully connected approximately 70 regional producers from Georgia to customers, making them more competitive on the national market. As a result of the training modules, their goods are now produced, packaged, and branded in adherence to international food safety standards.  

“The support from FAO and the EU has given me the confidence to keep producing the traditional Georgian wine, which, for me, represents my livelihood and is an inseparable part of my identity. Most importantly, I am glad to have been having the opportunity to share the different wines, which we produce, with so many people who have never seen or tasted it before,” says Pridon Sirabidze, Co-founder of Nuri Sirabidze Cellar, agro-market participant, and the producer of wines such as Tsolikauri, Tshkhaveri, and Aladasturi. 

“The Unique Georgian Taste farmers markets is proving to be an interesting model for the development of an agrifood system that is inclusive, diverse, and innovative. Sharing knowledge with farmers from different regions has brought them closer to responding to the market demand. Many Georgians are discovering the wealth of local terroir products, and all Georgians should be proud of these rich traditions,” said Javier Sanz Alvarez, FAO-EU Programme Coordinator. 

“Providing a platform for smallholders to build connections with customers has now been proven to be a successful approach. The Unique Georgian Taste has demonstrated how agricultural heritage can be preserved and promoted in a socio-economically inclusive manner while also raising awareness about food safety standards both among producers and consumers,” stated Georges Dehoux, Programme Manager for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Safety at the EU Delegation to Georgia. 

Two more Unique Georgian Taste event series are planned in November and December, 2022 in Tbilisi. The agri-market is being implemented by FAO and supported by the EU under the EU4Business initiative – EU Innovative Action for Private Sector Competitiveness in Georgia, along with other sponsors. The initiative aims to assist Georgian entrepreneurs in improving the legal environment and access to finance while strengthening ties with the European Union.


Guram Saqvarelidze, Communication Consultant, +995 558 49 39 91, guram.saqvarelidze@fao.org