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You Create Environment

Through the European Green Deal and other initiatives, the European Union has made environmental protection and the fight against climate change key priorities. EU supports Georgia to advance its efforts for cleaner air and water resources, better waste management, more energy efficiency or the protection of biodiversity.

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    The campaign You Create Your Environment was an umbrella awareness raising and behaviour change oriented campaign that emphasized the negative impact of improper waste management on health and environment as well as its economic consequences (e.g. on tourism). The campaign specifically aimed at increasing the understanding on:

    • importance of waste minimization, reducing, reusing and separation
    • biowaste – reducing, reusing, composting issues and practical tips
    • new legal requirements

    Public Forum

    The project initiated and organised within EU Days the biggest public event on environment – the Public Forum “Talking Environment” on May 5, 2019.

    The event provided a platform for over 400 representatives of general public, youth, civil society, local and international experts, international organizations, media and other stakeholders to engage in discussions on waste management related issues in Georgia. Challenges induced by improper waste management in Georgia, as well as achievements and reforms carried out in the field of waste management were the main topics discussed at depth by the representatives of respective governmental institutions, international and local experts. Participants of the Public Forum also had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with international practices in waste management and circular economy.

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    Europe Day

    Coordinated actions and common understanding of waste management among key stakeholders, including general public, proper understanding of their roles and public ownership are instrumental for achieving success in this sector.

    In this regard, it is of utmost importance to increase awareness of the general public and other relevant stakeholders about current situation, trends and planned activities in field of waste management, as well as make them aware how EU is contributing.

    Within the EU Days activities, a special Green Kids Zone was created by the project in Tbilisi.

    The activity aimed to ensure:

    • awareness raising on the environment, in particular waste related issues;
    • increase EU Visibility and Promotion/Illustration of EU Support to Environment Field in Georgia;
    • enhance awareness among the general public, particularly youth and children.

    More than 2.500 people participated in educational and environmental activities, games and quizzes, organized at 12 locations-activities of the Green Zone, covering waste related issues, as well as other environmental topics, including air pollution, energy efficiency, climate change, etc.

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    Extended Producer Responsibility

    Georgia’s national obligations under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) were discussed on 9 October 2018 at a stakeholders’ meeting attended by over 200 representatives of the central and local governments, international and donor organizations, private sector, chambers of commerce and business associations.

    Media Workshop

    To achieve a better understanding of the project related topics and the visibility of its activities, considering the role of the media in the dissemination of relevant information three (two-day) workshops were organised for about 100 representatives media outlets from all regions of Georgia, working on environmental, social and economic issues in Kakheti, Borjomi and Adjara in December, 2018 and February, 2019.

    Discussions  focused on planned and implemented actions in the field and share the best experience by national and international experts, as well as representatives and high level officials from the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, as well as the Solid Waste Management Company (under the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure).

    Specifically, the following issues were addressed:   

    • Review of environmental commitments undertaken by Georgia under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement and the status of their implementation;
    • Waste management – international practice, modern approaches, the best experience, the challenges faced by Georgia, etc.;
    • The principle of Extended Producers Responsibility (to be enacted from December 2019);  
    • Circular economy with focus on waste management issues, etc.

    Waste Minimization Challenge


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