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EU ENPARD Grants – Terms and Conditions

Target population:

The program target beneficiaries are farmers registered as individual entrepreneurs, cooperatives, or SMEs who have the intention and financial capability to make investments related to agriculture.

Target municipalities:

For this grant cycle, the program will focus primarily on the ENPARD municipalities, namely:

  • Akhalkalaki
  • Borjomi
  • Dedoplitskaro
  • Kazbegi
  • Keda
  • Khulo
  • Lagodekhi
  • Tetriskaro

These eight municipalities are offered matching grant opportunities. Further detailed on page “Category 1: General grant opportunities”.

In addition to this opportunity, applicants in Gori municipality are eligible for a matching grant to purchase anti-hail nets (for apple growers only) and no-till planters (for cereal producers only), further described on page “Category 2: Special grant opportunities”.

Eligible investments

Under the current grant cycle, the applicants will be asked to choose between four potential types of equipment from selected suppliers:

Under Category 1: General grant opportunities (in the ENPARD municipalities):

  • Drip irrigation systems
  • No-till planters (for cereal producers only)
  • Small or medium tractor and related aggregates

Under Category 2: Special grant opportunities (in Gori municipality only)

  • Anti-hail nets (for apple growers only)
  • No-till planters (for cereal producers only)

Please note that an applicant can only choose one unit of every equipment for which he/she is eligible.

Financial support:

A matching grant representing 40% of the eligible investment, in support of the 60% contribution to be paid by the grantee.

Throughout the duration of the program, FAO has been promoting specific investments that are considered to have a higher economic, social, or environmental impact. To do so, the financial support is raised from 40% to 60% of the value of the investments. For this grant cycle, this special financial support applies to drip irrigation systems and no-till planter only. Please find the complete list of specifically promoted investments that have been supported by the program since its inception: List of specifically promoted investments.

Please note that upon signature of the grant agreement, the grantee will be asked to pay his/her matching contribution to the supplier directly. Upon delivery of the equipment, FAO will pay the matching grant directly to the supplier. In no case will any money be transferred to the grantee directly.

Please note that the applicant should not have received more than one grant from previous calls for application under this program, limiting the total number of grants an applicant can receive under this program to a maximum of 2 grants. Moreover, the cumulative grant amount received within the whole program should not exceed the maximum grant ceiling of 150,000 USD.