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The EU cares for Georgia’s regions

Through our regional development programme, we work together with our partners to help improve the lives of people living in the regions of Georgia

The divide between cities and villages in Georgia often encourage people to leave their homes in rural areas and move to a larger city in the hope of finding employment opportunities and better lives. One of the key goals of the European Union in Georgia is to help regions develop their economy and social situation so that people all over Georgia will improve their living conditions.

Together with the Government of Georgia, the European Union has identified four focal regions, which will be in the centre of EU assistance and, especially, pilot projects under the joint regional development programme: Kakheti, Imereti, Guria, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti.

The European Union has dedicated a total of EUR 54 million to regional development in Georgia. Out of these EUR 40.5 million are available for the Government’s Pilot Integrated Territorial Development Programme (PIRDP), which moves decision-making from Tbilisi to the regional level. Through this programme, funds are made directly available for municipalities, who choose pilot initiatives to improve opportunities and living conditions of the local population. You can find out more about some of these initiatives below.

The joint work by the EU and the Government of Georgia is complemented by several initiatives (up to EUR 13.5 million), implemented by Team Europe partners and international organisations. Partners work together closely with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure to make sure all efforts go towards the benefit of the local population. These initiatives will lead to more investments in the regions, more jobs created, improved access to services, and will hopefully reduce the number of people leaving their home villages.

To know more about the EU’s support to regional development in Georgia, read stories of citizens, who have benefited from rehabilitated roads, new parks, kindergardens, improved tourism infrastructure and more on this page.

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