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“A country can only achieve its full strength when everybody is given the same opportunity to reach their potential. It’s time to work to remove the barriers that are holding back girls and women from fully contributing to making Georgia as strong as it can be.” – EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell
To mark International Women’s Day, throughout March the EU is running “Strong Women – Strong Georgia”: a campaign to highlight the valuable contributions and impact of women in Georgia, as well as discuss the challenges they still face, be it discrimination, gender-based violence, or COVID-19.
Listen to the full message from EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell, check out the stories of women in Georgia below, and join us on Facebook and Instagram for the discussion throughout March!”

EU Ambassador’s Statement

Women Support Stories

Young Women Join Hands for Peace

EU-funded project platform Expert Dialogue brings together leaders from different professions to tackle gender-based violence

Vitreous enamel workshop Javari founded by the EU-funded entrepreneurship school graduate

EU launches new project “Women’s Power”

Story of Ana Gamgebeli, female goat farmer in Samegrelo

The EU Empowers Rural Women

EU/FAO support to rural women beekeepers

Women from Shavshvebi IDP Settlement

EU support persons with disabilities during COVID-19

EU support work against violence against women amid COVID-19

EU and GIZ support helps local social enterprise increase production and employment despite Covid-19

With the EU support, Mariam Tsikaridze and Nino Mazmishvili, Entrepreneurial School Graduates, Successfully Running a business in Gori

My Village: Keda women develop honey production

My village: Qvevri-Made Whiskey and Innovative Marani in Tetritskaro

Tsitsi Shengelia: An Entrepreneur Breaking Stereotypes!

EU EBRD and Sweden support Georgia’s gastronomic adventures

EBRD and donors help Georgia’s women-run White Studio grow

Entrepreneurship School graduate – Sopo Nozadze, launched her first entrepreneurial initiative in Gori with EU support!

Georgian female farmer introduces modern agricultural approaches and increases yields in Lagodekhi

Young environmental activist from Svaneti wins EU-supported CENN competition

An Innovative Georgian Clothing Brand Increases Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities with EU Support

EU and FAO support women in Georgia’s rural areas

EU beneficiary in Tetritskaro Donated her Paintings to Help Vulnerable Families During Covid-19

EU-supported sewing workshop produces 5000 medical masks

Story about cooperative “Vardi-2014”

Story about cooperative Khulgumo 2014

Cooperative KONA success story

EU support improves mountain tourism and boosts number of visitors in Juta

EU support empowers rural women: Success stories of three female entrepreneurs in Keda

The European Union Supports Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Women’s Empowerment in Akhalkalaki